Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Great new additions to the "If you were me and lived in..." series!

Another round of wonderful books by Carole P. Roman. This books are a wealth of information for young children. If you were me and lived in… series has opened the world to children about countries they may never visit and now she has included history lessons about eras long ago.

First, the Middle Ages. The book introduces the period known as the Middle Ages and the daily lives of those who lived during this time. There is information about the communities in which people lived, the jobs which were performed and the everyday homes. The food, drink and clothing which were a part of daily life were discussed. At the end of the book, there is a list of important people from the Middle Ages as well as a glossary of terms which were introduced in the book.

Second, Ancient China. The book focused on the era of the Han Dynasty (206 BC until 220 AD), the longest dynasty and known as the Golden Age of Ancient China. The importance of the Silk Road was discussed as an important trade route to China. In addition to discussion about the food, the homes and the family dynamics, the importance of the colors in which clothes were made are discussed. Red indicates joy and happiness while white was a color of mourning. And yellow was reserved for the emperor only. Religions, important holidays and lucky (and unlucky) numbers in Ancient Chinese cultural were discussed as well.

Third, the American West. The book focuses on an important part of the American Expansion and the Oregon Trail and the pioneers who settled the West with the Great Migration of 1843. Life on the trail was hard as the dangers of disease and Indian attacks were a constant worry. Once at their destinations, the pioneers would build their homes. Readers will be introduced to the homestead community including the schoolhouse and how education was conducted as the families built their homes and towns. The book includes a list of important people of the American West including Wyatt Earp.

Fourth, a book which covers the country of Brazil. With the Summer Olympics completed, this book is a great opportunity to introduce children to the host country. Brazil is the largest country in South America and is the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world. They are the largest producers of coffee and the Amazon Rainforest and the Amazon River are contained with the country.

Ms. Roman has brilliantly made a series of book which presents information in a fun and entertaining manner. The information is simply presented but grabs the attention of the readers. These books are great additions to any school or family libraries as children begin to explore history and the world. I highly recommend these titles and other titles in the If you were me and lived in… series! 

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