Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Father’s Day is a day that used to have no meaning. It was a day to honor a man who wasn’t a dad as I deserved or needed. So, it was a day I often ignored. However, it is now a day that I look forward. In order to honor my husband who has taken his role as father very seriously. My husband, from day one, has dived into his role as dad quickly. He learned to change diapers, bathe our daughter and make her bottles and feed her. He has worked long shifts and even longer weeks in order to make sure she has everything she could need or want. 

My husband is not perfect. He tends to jump to angry very easily if Abby were to do something wrong. However, he is quick to calm down and apologize to her and talk about why he got upset. Joe is the one who runs to her rescue when she falls down. He is the one who will make sure she is safe before he leaves. When he leaves in the morning for work and Abby is still asleep, I've seen him lean in real close to her and pray. He asks God to protect her and me while he is away from us. It is the little things like this that I see and I know that  my husband takes his role as father very seriously. 

Fathers are very important in our children’s lives. For the fathers out there who take their responsibilities seriously and with their whole heart, I say thanks. Your children may not remember everything you've ever done for them but they will remember the feelings of securing and love. For the fathers who aren’t taking the time to take care of their children, I hope that you realize that what you do or don’t do in your children’s lives will affect them for the rest of their lives. Believe me, I see the effects every day. It is never too late to be a Dad, it may take more work and effort but you can be a part of your children's lives while you still have time. 

Happy Father’s Day to the Dads who are willing to sit and watch that Disney princess movie one more time with their daughters and who are willing to play catch with their sons even after a hard day’s work. Your time with them is so precious, don’t let it pass.