Saturday, March 19, 2016

I Wonder: a book of poetry for the whole family

I wonder: A book for children, parents and other grownups by Jane Altman is book of poetry and a short story for children and adults.

Part 1 is for the children and it’s a series of poems which start with “I wonder…” and introduce a different animal. Bat, frog and alligator are among the many animals talked about in the poems. Each poem begins and ends with an “I wonder” statement. Then a short story about glowing stones. A boy and a girl leave their small village and pass a castle where they find a stone which glows in their favorite color. They pick up the stone and save it. Many years pass, the boy and girl grow up and have families of their own. After they have passed away, their families find a strange gray stone among their belongings and return it to the castle when the children see the glowing stones with the adults do not. Part 2 is for the parents and other grownups and is a series of poems along the same themes as part 1.

I wonder is a great book of poetry with simple rhymes that children will love. I enjoy poems and I love book which introduce poetry to children in a fun way. With beautiful illustrations, the poems and story come alive on the page. I recommend this book for any family and classroom library. It helps children enter the world of poetry in a fun and exciting way.

I wonder
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