Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cool Kind Kid Challenge: a wonderful bullying prevention program

Bullying is a serious matter in our society today. I’ve written two blog posts about it and now I will review a new series of books which introduce how children can be kind to others and discourage bullying when they see it. Cool Kind Kid is a proactive educational curricula for schools, created by Barbara Gilmour, which includes music, characters and activities which engage the children in the lessons. I received three books with is part of the entire program. I will describe and review each book in turn.

First, Be a “Cool Kind Kid” is a handbook about the basics of the program. It is lesson plan of the social skills and social competence training. The missing link in the bullying crisis, according to the program creator. The materials are designed to be easy to follow, flexible to fit the children’s understand and require very little preparation. There are questions and interaction on the children’s part which they can engage and think of ways to solve the problem in the situation. Topics covered include the Golden Rule, patriotism, and the Magic Words.

Second, Bullying Prevention Tips is a handbook for parents to read and understand that a child’s education starts at home. The social skills a child will need in life are taught and enforce at home. The book is filled with tips on how to introduce and guide children to learn kindness, empathy, respect, tolerance and acceptance, helpfulness and many others. The book gives parents ideas about how to introduce and enforce the concepts at home and in their communities.

Third, Picture Book Series Book 1 is a book which introduces the topics of the program in pictures for children who are younger. All the topics, the Golden Rule, the Magic Words, are covered in a fun manner which will capture of the attention of the younger children.

Cool Kind Kids is a great method to introduce the concept of kindness to children in a fun and useful manner. According to the information which I received with the books, the vision of the program is to give the opportunity to every child to learn the necessary social skills needed to stop bullying either as a observer, a victim or the bully. The curriculum is available for Grades 2-4 and Camp Kits for ages 4-6 and 7-9, which are designed for camps, after school programs, community and recreation programs. I highly recommend Cool Kind Kid to all schools, day cares and families who want to introduce and encourage kindness and helpfulness in our children. If a child learns to be kind to others and stand up for himself and others, bullying can be a thing of the past.

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